Thorncliffe Automotive Repair

5515 4th Street NW
Calgary, AB T2K 1B1
51.1010926 -114.0715073
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MNG Customer Reviews (109)

 4     NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index 07/08/2014
Review by cam puerzer: Good work. I would visit this site in the future for any vehicle work I needed done.

 4     NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index 12/05/2013
Review by Wilf Yalte: appreciated the pre-approved work price quote. Was satisfied with the price after comparing them to similar work done by other firms.Felt like I was the customer instead of an idiot that they could take advantage of. Didn't try to push un needed things at me.

 4     NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index 10/28/2013
Review by Pam Cole: Service advisor took the time to explain and show me what an axle boot was and how it works

 4     NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index 10/28/2013
Review by Maureen: Second time I have dealt with this service station and I was impressed with the service and knowledge of the gentleman. And he didn't try to push other stuff on me. And from the first visit I got the 12 month coverage and unfortunately but thankfully got to use the tow truck for no charge. Love it Thank you I will be coming back Maureen Marshall

 3     NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index 01/22/2017
Review by Darren Oshell: Because everything was done professional and the store was clean and tidy. Not a dirty shop.
Shop Comment
Thanks Darren! We strive to be professional in every aspect of our business including the shop appearance.

 3     NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index 01/22/2017
Review by Darren Oshell: Because everything was done professional and the store was clean and tidy. Not a dirty shop.

 3     NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index 11/17/2016
Review by ANONYMOUS: Friendly, I believe they r fixing what truly needs repair
Shop Comment
We are an honest shop and we love it when clients such as yourself confirm this.

 3     NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index 02/18/2016
Review by Kaaren Finlay: Polite and professional service. You speak to me in a way that is fully informative yet not TOO detailed or over my head. Just right. Generally I feel that my car is being well taken care of, I'm given the chance to authorize work before it's done, and it gets done well, in a timely manner.
Shop Comment
Thanks Kaaren. It is nice to hear feedback of our service, especially on my end.

 1     Joan 01/30/2014
Service Manager has no people skills. False advertising on web page. Service manager needs training in dealing with public and customer relations. Mechanically, a shame I won't be back because actual work was good.
Shop Comment
Joan, I have talked to my service manager (Riley not Tim Harper as Tim was the previous owner) and he explained to me the situation with your vehicle. We do not perform body work on vehicles as that is not our expertise and I checked our website and for some reason it has body expertise listed. That is a mistake by our web designer and I have contacted them to have that removed. Riley explained to you that having us try and bend your fender would probably do more damage to it as we are not experienced enough and do not have the proper tools to do those type of repairs. I do not know why you are upset with Riley explaining to you that we do not feel confident to perform that kind of work as we do not want to damage your vehicle more than it is. We are just being honest with you and telling you up front that body work is not what we do and we are suggesting to take your vehicle to a body repair shop where they have the expertise and proper tools to perform the job. Please accept our apology if you feel that we mistreated you but we are an honest shop and we will not try and do work which does not need to be done or is something we do not do. We want to be fully honest to our customers and direct them to the proper professionals if the job requires work which we are not trained in. As for saying that Riley was unprofessional, I am not sure what Riley could have done differently as you did not want to accept his recommendation to take the vehicle to a body shop. There was a client in the waiting area who told Riley that he handled the situation as best he could and that Riley was not out of line. I do not know what more you expect from us than to be honest with you. I hope that you can see where we are coming from. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to further discuss this matter. Sincerely, Brian Crotser Owner Thorncliffe Automotive Repair

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